City Work 2013

BIOMAT Restaurant
Vera Wiedermann

By doing our own cooking and maintaining a balanced diet, we can create sufficient energy for the kitchen with the organic waste we produce. Until we’re able to reach the ideal of storing our own biogas, we zealously collect bio-waste and bring it to the BIOMAT. Here the garbage bags are weighed and nutritional value is calculated from the energy value. You can then eat and drink for this amount.

Marlene Klausner

The designer is interested in traditional methods of storing and preserving vegetables and other naturally produced food. She’s also interested in how these methods, which are a matter of course for many manufacturers in the countryside, can then be brought to the city again.


Do We Have What it Takes?
Institute of Design Research Vienna (IDRV)

The IDRV explores the issue of the frequently cited “sustainability” of designs and products In a research project, local businesses, repair workshops and initiatives in Vienna’s 4th district – protagonists of sustainable product culture – are tracked down: on the basis of the philosophy of repairing, recycling, sharing and using-instead-of-owning.


Wieden Tour, World Class
Julia Landsiedl and Cora Akdogan

Collaborating with one of the flat-sharing groups of the Caritas house, the two designers aim to bring together these teenagers with inveterate residents of Vienna’s 4th district, encouraging them to go on tour and introduce each other to “their” district. By sharing stories, locals and so-called “Zuag’raste” (“neighbourhood newcomers”) are supposed to come together, revealing different perspectives and thus uncovering new points of view on both sides.


Johanna Dehio and Dominik Hehl

Construisine is an open kitchen and workshop in urban space, which invites passers-by and people from the neighbourhood to join in on site: using the basic materials/ingredients provided, participants make the required equipment and furnishings following a set of instructions and cook meals according to a suggested recipe. Building materials and food are treated equally as basic materials that can be purchased at cost price. Project partner is the reStart youth workshop run by Caritas Vienna.