City Work and
ExtraVALUE Design Award 2016

City Work and ExtraVALUE Design Award 2016

Erste Bank ExtraVALUE Design Award for the festival format “city work” was conferred for a second time and went to the project FEUERKÜCHE by Johanna Dehio and Valentina Karga this year. A recognition award was also conferred to the project DESIGNING LOCALITY – YouarehereVienna.


Erste Bank ExtraVALUE Design Award 2016

Johanna Dehio, Valentina Karga

FEUERKÜCHE is a collective, public happening during which, in an exemplary process, raw materials are transformed into a functional cooking unit: tableware, pots and table-top ovens are formed of clay and produced by firing in an open log fire. The highlight is the banquet held where all participants eat together after jointly cooking the meal using their recipes.  The hands-on work gave participants the experience of tactile contact with clay as a raw material and the archaic activity of cooking on an open fire. The project aims to illustrate the development steps from raw material to utensil.

The jury’s reasons: Johanna Dehio, Valentina Karga and her team created a poetic place in the middle of Margareten by consistently pursuing their aesthetic concept. People from diverse origins came together to produce clay vessels, to cook together and learn from each other. The framework created and the support provided to the project group made encounters possible and encouraged mutual appreciation and knowledge transfer, thus fomenting the power of strong personal relations.
The jury conferred the Erste Bank ExtraVALUE Design Award to the project FEUERKÜCHE.


Erste Bank ExtraVALUE Design Recognition Award 2016


For ten days, YouarehereVienna dealt intensely with the theory and practice of “Be(com)ing Local” at a temporary, open editorial office. The focus was on collective social design – together with the festival attendees, old and new locals investigated the immediate neighbourhood, the district of Margareten. Based on these joint investigations, workshops and talks, the group produced content on site and illustrated and translated this content into the four languages of the guides: German, English, Arabic and Farsi/Dari. This created a "Neighbourhood Guide" for Margareten on the website of YouarehereVienna at #youareheremargareten, which can also be enlarged via social media.

The jury’s reasons: The group YouarehereVienna had been working on "New Local", a mobile guide “to be(come)ing local” intensely for some time. Within the framework of the Vienna Design Week, the “multi-local" team made up of  Sabine Ballata, Imran Rehman, Talia Radford, Tom Walcher, Verena Snurer, Hamza Faizal, Andreas Barla, Mouhamad Alhassan, Ali Kianmehr, Bagher Ahmadi, Faiz Rasuli and Doris Pinzger for the first time had an opportunity to work together simultaneously at one location on a project. The project is ambitious and addresses the need for communication in multiple languages it unifies several initiatives and attempts to reflect cultural facts.  The multi-language target group participates in the realization.
The jury recognized the high development potential of the project and gave a recognition award to YouarehereVienna.


Members of the jury in 2016
Andreas Rumpfhuber (Architect), Jutta Kleedorfer (multiple and interim uses, MA 18), Georg Irsa (Caritas, Archdiocese Vienna), Ruth Goubran, Theres Fischill (Erste Bank), Lilli Hollein, Marlene Leichtfried (Vienna Design Week)


Further City Work Projects 2016

Project team Vivinger

Architects build an overdimensional loom apparatus. Once industrialization had taken hold, textile production shaped Margareten’s identity long thereafter. Today, the only remnants of the various production processes of the former Jewish textile factory Altmann are statues on the façade. The project VEBSHTUL will transform the erstwhile workers’ district of Margareten into an arena for textile production once again. A construction will be installed on Siebenbrunnenplatz in the form of an over-dimensional loom, to be operated by the project team for ten days, whereby the production process will be the actual product. The performative intervention in the city space aims to motivate visitor interaction and revive the weaving tradition in people’s memories.



This project features grassroots social-design projects dedicated to the positive integration of migrants in Vienna, with ongoing talks, workshops and tours from initiatives such as bockwerk, IntergRADsion, Vienna to go, Taste of Home, A Wiener, halal!, AIL and BUNT gemischt. Accompanied by a growing exhibition that serves as a reflection and conduit of the individual projects from inception to now, TRANSMIGRATION aims to continue the dialogue on social design and migration topics. The idea of the program is to create and open opportunities for recent migrants and Vienna’s creative community to exchange knowledge and skills. The temporary Café VoZo will serve as a meeting point throughout the festival.