The Erste Bank ExtraVALUE Film Award 2011 goes to:

Gerald Igor Hauzenberger for Der Prozess (“The Trial”).


Gerald Igor Hauzenberger

Jury statement:

In the light of numerous noteworthy Austrian films shown at the Viennale, the jury stressed the film’s socio-political relevance as an additional judgment criterion. As a result, following the jury’s unanimous decision, the Erste Bank ExtraVALUE Film Award went to an author who still has a small body of work, a director who takes up the tradition of the critical documentary film and addresses an Austrian issue. The absorbing, spectacular, yet never speculative way in which the director depicts the proceedings and positions related to his topic is impressive and convincing.

The prize goes to Gerald Igor Hauzenberger for his feature film Der Prozess (“The Trial”).

Since short films are generally disadvantaged in the chain of distribution and rental, Erste Bank awarded an additional short film prize upon the jury’s recommendation. It went to two young independent filmmakers for the originality and visual intensity of their works: Johann Lurf for Kreis Wr. Neustadt (“District Wr. Neustadt”) and Kurdwin Ayub for Sommerurlaub (“Summer Vacation”) and Schneiderei (“Tailor Shop”). The awards are endowed with 2,000 euros each.


Nicolas Mahler (author and graphic artist), Franz Schwartz (director of Vienna’s Stadtkino, 1981–2008), Verena Teissl (cultural scientist and curator)