The Erste Bank ExtraVALUE Film Award 2012 goes to:

Tizza Covi and Rainer Frimmel for Der Glanz des Tages (“The Shine of Day”).


 *** Local Caption *** Der Glanz des Tages, The Shine of the Day, Tizza Covi, Rainer Frimmel, A, 2012, V'12, Spielfilme

Tizza Covi und Rainer Frimmel.

Jury statement:

The jury has unanimously and enthusiastically chosen a film that may appear small, but is, in fact, great cinema. A film that trusts in its images, connects its actors – amateurs and professionals alike – in a congenial way, tells its story calmly and doesn’t provoke the viewer’s emotions with cheap musical means, but provides space and silence for one’s own understanding. A film that confirms the existential necessity of cinemas like those used for Viennale screenings.

Erste Bank’s additional ExtraVALUE Short Film Award goes to Kurdwin Ayub for her eight films presented at this year’s Viennale.

In order to give short films due recognition, Erste Bank once again awarded an additional short film prize this year, worth 4,000 euros. The films chosen by the jury are miniatures, home movies and performance videos that don’t meet any expectations, don’t shy away from transgressions and seemingly don’t follow any rules. Sometimes they astonish us and sometimes they even leave us wondering, “Is this actually allowed?” as we sink deeper into our cinema seats.


Ricarda Denzer (artist), Boris Manner (curator), Franz Schwartz (director of Vienna’s Stadtkino, 1981–2008)