The Erste Bank ExtraVALUE Film Award 2013 goes to:

Gustav Deutsch for Shirley – Visions of Reality and Juri Rechinsky for Sickfuckpeople.


Sudabeh Mortezai, Gerhard Treml, Leo Galice

Jury statement:

After intense discussion, the jury unanimously chose two film productions, which, despite being completely different, present equally interesting and exciting approaches.

We’re honouring an exceptional art film, on the one hand, and, on the other, a work that is impressive in the way it addresses and renders a social issue.

Upon the jury’s recommendation, the Erste Bank ExtraVALUE Film Award was awarded to two winners and includes a one-month stay respectively in New York for each.

We awarded the prize to a film that takes us into a fictional world between the 1930s and 1960s, impressed us through a perfect stage design set against the backdrop of socio-political events, and features a wonderful actress. The award went to Shirley – Visions of Reality by Gustav Deutsch.

The second part of the award honours the respectful observation of homeless Ukrainian youths, recorded by a seemingly invisible camera. The prize went to Juri Rechinsky’s film Sickfuckpeople, which is thus equally rewarded by the jury.


Silvia Bohrn (cultural manager), Werner Brix (artist and comedian), Franz Schwartz (director of Vienna’s Stadtkino, 1981–2008) 


Wien, Viennale 2013. Cafe Prückel; Erste Bank Jurysitzung; Silvia BOHM, Franz SCHWARTZ, Werner BRIX, Ruth GOUBRAN;Copyright by Robert NEWALD Photographie, A-1164 Vienna, P.O.Box 13. Bank: ERSTE Bank, A-1010 Vienna, Am Graben 21; BIC  Bank Identification Code (swift code): GIBAATWWXXX; IBAN  International Bank Account Number: AT48 20111 0000 4422 015; UID Number: ATU 124 254 00; Veröffentlichung honorarfrei NUR im Zusammenhang mit der Berichterstattung über die Viennale 2013. Jede Verwendung, Verwertung und Vertrieb über eine Bild- und/oder Presseagentur ist untersagt. Publishing free of charge ONLY combined with reporting about the Viennale 2013. *** Local Caption *** Montag, 04.11.2013: MehrWERT-Preis der Erste Bank Jurysitzung im Café Prückel, 1010 Wien; auf diesem Bild (v.l.): Silvia Bohrn (Kulturwissenschaftlerin), Franz Schwartz (ehem. Leiter Stadtkino), Werner Brix (Kabarettist), Ruth Goubran (Erste Bank, Sponsoring)

Franz Schwartz, Ruth Goubran, Silvia Bohrn, Martin Rauchbauer