Erste Bank
Composition Award

We also support the Erste Bank Composition Award.
Since 1989.

The Erste Bank Composition Award has become one of the most important distinctions in the field of new music in Austria. Since 1989, Erste Bank has annually awarded this prize to an exceptional composer in honour of his/her creative work to date.

The Erste Bank Composition Award includes a minimum of three performances by Klangforum Wien within a period of 12 months. The premiere usually takes place as part of the WIEN MODERN festival. In addition, the new work is released on a portrait CD by the label Kairos.

Lothar Knessl was in charge of selecting the winners of the composition award until 2015. He is one of the leading international experts in the field of new music. We would like to thank Lothar Knessl for his long-time activity as a juror. In 2016, Christian Scheib, Gerd Kühr and Sven Hartberger will take over as jury members.

2021: Christoph Ressi 
2020: Matthias Kranebitter
2019: Mirela Ivičević 
2018: Agata Zubel
2017: Hannes Kerschbaumer
2016: Eva Reiter
2015: Peter Jakober
2014: Reinhard Fuchs
2013: Bernd Richard Deutsch
2012: Beat Furrer
2011: Gerald Resch
2010: Joanna Wozny 
2009: Bernhard Lang
2008: Gösta Neuwirth
2007: Klaus Lang
2006: Bernhard Gander
2005: Wolfgang Mitterer

2004: Wolfram Schurig
2003: Clemens Gadenstätter
2002: Johannes M. Staud
2001: Germán Toro-Pérez
2000: Alexander Stankovski
1999: Thomas Heinisch
1998: Christian Mühlbacher
1997: Olga Neuwirth
1995: Herbert Grassl
1994: Jorge E. López
1993: Georg Friedrich Haas
1992: Gerd Kühr
1991: Christian Ofenbauer
1990: Gerhard E. Winkler
1989: Herbert Willi

The Value of Creativity

The Erste Bank Composition Award 2002–2007