Culture Transfair 2011

Project: Living Space Design – “Pimp Up Your Space”

A project by Architekturzentrum Wien and Caritas/Haus JUCA.

A group of adolescents sat in the lobby of the luxury hotel Sofitel. They came from JUCA, the Caritas residential home for young adults, on an excursion with Architekturzentrum Wien. They investigated several modern building entrances in order to gather ideas for their foyer at JUCA, whose redesign was the aim of this project we were doing together.

Project: Older, formerly homeless people rediscover cinema. Occupants of Caritas’ Haus Jona meet the Austrian Film Museum.

A project by the Austrian Film Museum and Caritas/Haus Jona.

Participation in cultural and social life is impossible for most of the inhabitants. The reasons are the physical handicaps, psychological ailments or behavioral disorders that stigmatize them. Many of the charges of Haus Jona grew up without television; going to the cinema was common and popular. Various strokes of fate were the reason that no cinema visits had taken place in recent years.
With a specific selection, preparation and an ensuing discussion, the Austrian Film Museum offered groups of up to 12 people a tailor-made cross-section of the diversity of the medium film.

Project: Symbols everywhere!

A project by Secession and Jugend am Werk/Lehrbetrieb Lorenz-Müller-Gasse.

The collaboration of the Secession with apprentices from Jugend am Werk’s (Youth at Work) apprenticeship organization Lorenz-Müller-Gasse was an intriguing opportunity to introduce young adults to cultural themes and questions. The symbolism and writings on the building’s façade and in the exhibitions were closely investigated with regard to their hidden, not always obvious statements. Building upon this, the adolescents developed their own icons or symbols important to them, which they realized in artistic works of their own

Project: Youth at Dance

A project by Tanzquartier Wien and Jugend am Werk/Lehrbetriebe Siemensstraße, ZOBA Siemensstraße, Technology Center.

Around 28 apprentices from three apprenticeship organizations of from Jugend am Werk regularly visited Tanzquartier Wien for two months in order to experience contemporary dance and performance with their own bodies, and to observe it from various points of view. In three different workshops they got to know the dance and work techniques of notable choreographers. Also becoming spectators, through video screenings and a performance they discovered other possibilities for contemporary choreography. Finally, they themselves were confronted with the task of choreographing a performance and presenting it in front of the group.
Their expectations, experiences and reflections were documented by another group of apprentices from the professional field of media engineering. The resulting video and photos were shown in a final presentation for colleagues and organizers in one of the apprenticeship organizations.

Project: Dancing is Fun

A project by ZOOM Children’s Museum and Caritas /Tanz die Toleranz and Brunnenpassage.

This project enabled children from 8 to 12 years – regardless of talent and experience, age and sex, skin color, ethnic group or social affiliation – to dance, research and be creative. In this, the social element was as important as the artistic one. Apart from developing choreography, children had the chance to visit the interactive ZOOM exhibition Die großen Ferien (“Summer Holidays”) and use the cartoon studio to produce a film based on material gathered on the “voyage” from Brunnenpassage to ZOOM Kindermuseum – the premises of both institutions were used. The material the children worked on was presented to parents, friends and other interested parties on the last day of the project.