Culture Transfair 2012

Project: With Open Eyes

A photo project by Kunsthalle Wien and ITS Wien Laube GmbH with Ursula Leitgeb

Target group: adults in a working integration process Following joint visits to exhibitions in the Kunsthalle Wien (Vanity), Westlicht (Platon: Faces of Power) and the Sammlung Verbund (Cindy Sherman: That’s me That’s not me. Early Works 1975-1977), the participant group of ITS Laube has decided to create a photo exhibition titled Mit offenen Augen (“With Open Eyes”). Presented alongside the upcoming exhibition The Circus as a Parallel Universe in the Kunsthalle Wien, it will feature photos and short stop-trick works.

The exhibition opens on May 31 in the foyer of the Kunsthalle Wien.

Project: Let's Go Dance

A project by Österreichisches Volksliedwerk, Tanzquartier Wien and Interface GmbH

Target group: adolescents with a migrant background; that they attend a language course at Vienna Interface.

Based on a personal approach to dance, specific cultural characteristics as well as mutual expressions of dance will be presented in traditional dance forms and performed together. Ultimately, the intention is to create new, individual expressions of dance within the group and establish a connection to contemporary dance. Attending the performance I Love Vienna gives participants the opportunity to immerse themselves in the topic from an audience’s point of view. Together with a group of six adolescents with a Turkish migrant background, the French choreographer Philippe Riéra has conceived a production in which the performers develop their approach to contemporary dance on stage.

The workshop series aims to give adolescents of different origins a chance to develop a new sense of belonging through dance and performance. In this way, they get to know the two cultural institutions involved and specific cultural characteristics of Austria through various disciplines, while communicating with each other through dance. At the same time, they learn how to use the two cultural institutions, the interdisciplinary exchange ultimately also contributing to the work of the latter.

Project: Singing on Stage: Apprentices Take Over the Red Bar

A project by Volkstheater and Jugend am Werk/Lehrbetrieb Siemensstrasse

Target group: apprentices of the Siemensstrasse apprenticeship organization In collaboration with professional artists, apprentices from the Jugend am Werk (Youth at Work) apprenticeship organizations will conceive a music program, which will also be performed at the Rote Bar (Red Bar) of Vienna’s Volkstheater in mid-June 2012. In order to familiarize them with the Volkstheater, a guided tour will be organized and they will be introduced to the various professions in the field of theater. The aim of the project is for as many apprentices as possible to contribute to the performance using their respective apprenticeship trade (e.g. gastronomy, technology, costumes).

Project: The First Time!

A project by wenn es soweit ist and mission: possible. wege für mädchen

Target group: girls from an assisted living community As part of the collaboration between the two organizations wenn es soweit ist (when the time has come) and mission: possible, four workshops will be held that support each individual girl’s work on herself. The idea is for the girls to discover and express their own abilities and talents in any chosen art genre: film, theater/performance, text design, etc.

Jacqueline Kornmüller and Peter Wolf advise the girls and accompany the project process with four workshops, all of which include the entire ensemble. In addition, the project offers pre- and post-preparatory individual rehearsals intensifying the definition of a subject and genre. Most importantly, the aim is for each girl to find her very own approach. Discovering one’s own talent, finding confidence in it and giving it room for expression will be the topics in both the ensemble work and the individual rehearsals.