Culture Transfair 2013

Project: “a – way”: A Cinematic Map of Vagrancy

A project by Architekturzentrum Wien, Österreichisches Filmmuseum and neunerhaus

In four different program sections various forms of documentary film are explored in cooperation with the Austrian Filmmuseum, while Vienna’s architecture center helps map the paths, destinations and places of homelessness. neunerhaus is a Viennese social organization that offers self-determined living in human conditions to the homeless.

Project: Skinning: From the Street to Art

A project by KUNST HAUS WIEN, Museum Hundertwasser and JOSI

The needs of homeless persons are often reduced to the bare necessities of life: food, drink, warm clothes, personal hygiene, and a roof over their head. The project “Häutungen - von der Straße zur Kunst"(Skinning: From the Street to Art) gives participants the opportunity to enliven their own creativity, and includes excursions, museum visits and workshops at the KUNST HAUS WIEN Museum Hundertwasser.

The JOSI day center for homeless persons and streetwork operates under the Vienna Social Fund. It gives homeless persons a place where they can take care of their personal hygiene, prepare food, do their laundry and deposit their valuables. In addition, they can speak with social workers about their problems and get advice. The center also provides entertainment and leisure activities.

Project: Expansion of Types!

A project by Wien Museum and Interface Vienna

The thematic starting point of this project is the “Viennese Types – Clichés and Reality” exhibition, which can be seen at the Wien Museum from April 25 to October 6, 2013. Participants of Interface courses and students of Vienna’s Graphische (Photography and Graphic Design departments) will collaborate in workshops taking place at the museum and in public spaces. Historical exhibits of the show will be examined and re-interpreted together with the artist Carla Bobadilla. A presentation of the works will take place in the Wien Museum’s atrium on Wednesday, June 26, 2013 at 1 pm.

Interface Vienna supports the social integration of children, youths and adults with a migrant background, offering educational measures, information and counseling. The project will be carried out with youths with a migrant background as part of the Interface training workshop for young people.

Project: Unframed

A project by WestLicht and ITS Wien Laube GmbH

“Unframed” enables an exchange on the subject of the medium of photography between Vienna’s WestLicht photo museum and LAUBE ITS Wien. At the end of the project the pictures will be presented at the premises of LAUBE ITS Wien.

ITS Wien Laube GmbH promotes the reintegration of unemployed adults in working life. On the one hand this happens through work projects – the surveying of objects for easy access – and on the other hand through schooling, reflections and trainings.