Culture Transfair 2015

Project: Albertina 360°

A collaboration between Albertina and Interface Wien GmbH

During five workshops, youths were given the opportunity to explore the museum as a place of interculturality, multilingualism and learning. The workshop themes were based on the interests and input of the young people. Accompanied by an art educator, they explored works of art and transformed them into other media of expression.

Project: Adventure City

A collaboration between Architekturzentrum Wien (Az W) and Balance – Leben ohne Barrieren

The Az W and Balance will embark on a wheelchair mapping campaign which addresses the question “How far do we get?” Similar to a parlor game, a “wheelchair course” will begin and, in the final phase, lead to visiting Vienna’s Central Station and Museumsquartier. Different routes will be chosen to reach these destinations. Subsequently, the experiences gathered will be recorded on a map. Once the participants have reached their respective destinations, they’ll embark on a city tour, exploring the design aspects of barrier-free locations.



Project: The Power of Memory – Theory and Practice – A Portrait Workshop

A collaboration between Künstlerhaus/Wien Museum and Aids Hilfe Wien

This project took Wien Museum’s portrait collection and the positions of contemporary artists in Vienna’s Künstlerhaus as a starting-point to organize a workshop on the subject of portrait art for clients of Aids Hilfe Wien. The workshop combined theoretical input, practical and creative implementation and personal development. An exhibition took place at the Künstlerhaus at the end of the project. Along with the Wien Museum and Künstlerhaus project team, the Aids Hilfe Wien clients put together a small presentation that showed the results of the collaboration and documentation of the workshop.

Project: Images of Women

A collaboration between mumok/WestLicht and Frauen beraten Frauen

The project Images of Women invited participants to view pictures by and about women as well as positions that they occupy in various fields of art. On the one hand, the current exhibitions at the WestLicht photo gallery (Edward Steichen) and the mumok (Pop Art & Vienna Actionism) provided theoretical and visual inspiration for artistic engagement. On the other, the participants themselves explored public and artistic spaces to capture and/or create “images of women” through photographs and other techniques.

Project: Work in Progress

A collaboration between WestLicht and BIKU Treff

The aim of Work in Progress is an exchange between the WestLicht photo museum and participants of BIKU Treff (an educational and cultural association supporting mentally ill adolescents). Exploring the museum and the institution’s various professions, the participants discover WestLicht as a workplace. After an introduction to analog camera technology and a “photo walk,” the youths have the opportunity to take portraits of the employees. Their pictures are to be shown at WestLicht at the end of the project.