Culture Transfair 2016

Project: Vienna to Go

A collaboration between WestLicht / Architekturzentrum Wien (Az W) and Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund (Haus Ottakring)

The goal was to explore Vienna and thereby contribute to enhancing the mostly limited range of movement of unaccompanied-minor refugees in the city. On foot and by city bike, we showed each other places in Vienna that are worth spending time at and returning to, and photographed them. We created a cartography of old and new paths, inscribing ourselves into the present of the city with an alternative city map. The results were presented as part of the Zoom! Picturing Architecture and the City exhibition at the Az W.

Project: Art Moves

A collaboration between Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien and Integration Wien

Teenagers and young adults with disabilities, aged between 15 and 30, are accompanied by leisure-time assistants of Integration Wien. In four consecutive workshops, the aim is to familiarize these youths with the Kunsthistorisches Museum and its collections. Certain themes that are particularly relevant for adolescents and their situations are addressed in the form of images and objects.

The young people become active, make their own choices and interpret them. They become “experts” who take over tasks in the museum as part of the workshops.

Each of these workshops deals with different techniques and materials. At the end, there will be a small exhibition/presentation in the museum to which family and friends are invited.

In addition, a book with photos and short texts on the works will be published.

Project: Artbook Hernals & Ottakring

A collaboration between mumok and BIKU Treff

This project offered young participants of BIKU-Treff the opportunity to explore what the museum and the environs of BIKU-Treff in the Viennese districts of Hernals and Ottakring have to offer. The goal was to find out whether there are parallels between roaming in the city and strolling through a museum. Central, practical elements of this project were the designing of bags for a bag archive, the mapping of Hernals and Ottakring, the mumok collection, as well as a visit to the district museum and the creation of an individual artbook of personal collections.

Project: The Theater Connection: Theater as a Link between Youth Cultures

A collaboration between Junges Volkstheater and Georg Danzer Haus

As part of the 11 Friends project, young people with or without refugee experience, worked on a short presentation on the subject of football, along with two ensemble members of Vienna’s Volkstheater (Kaspar Locher and Sebastian Klein). The piece were shown as part of the Spieltriebe (“Play Instincts”) festival in May in Volx/Margareten.

Project: JUVIVO.15 ZOOMs in on the Animated Film Studio

A collaboration between ZOOM Children’s Museum and JUVIVO.15

As part of the animated film and sound project by ZOOM Children’s Museum and JUVIVO.15, girls and young women, aged between 8 and 16, from socially and/or economically disadvantaged families learned how to deal with new media in an independent and creative way in workshops at the ZOOM Animated Film Studio. Working in teams and accompanied by artists, they produced animated films and sounds.

Following project completion, a presentation for parents, relatives and friends took place at the ZOOM Children’s Museum (April 1, 2016) and Lugner City (April 27, 2016).