Culture Transfair 2017

Project: untitled – A Research Project on the Subject of Role Models

A collaboration between Dschungel Wien and Interface Wien

Whom do we try to emulate? Whom do we look up to? Who/What is a role model for us? What do we find admirable?

Fifteen young refugees with different stories and backgrounds got together as part of untitled – A Research Project on the Subject of Role Models from May to June 2017. In a process-oriented way, the participants explored aesthetic forms of theatrical and dance expressions under the guidance of Ulla Steyrleuthner (art educator, Dschungel Wien/drama teacher) and the choreographer/dancer Sayed Labib.

Using their own texts, choreographies and self-made photo collages, they created a performance for Stage 3 at Dschungel Wien.

Project: The Self: One, No One and One Hundred Thousand ...

A collaboration between Leopold Museum and Verein GIN

How do I see myself? How can I discover my self in a pictorial manner? What story does the face of another tell? What feelings does my body express? Which colours and forms stand for me? How do I depict the person opposite me? And what does it mean to create a “we” in an artistic way?

Today, the “selfie” is omnipresent! On the basis of the Vienna 1900 collection in Vienna’s Leopold Museum, this means of self-portrayal is examined in the context of painting, sculpture and photography.

Project: Furnishing

A collaboration between MAK and “wieder wohnen” wohn:mobil

The aim of “wieder wohnen” wohn:mobil is to ensure long-term housing for formerly homeless people. Furnishing, a joint Culture Transfair project by MAK and “wieder wohnen” wohn:mobil, supported this goal by developing strategies for furnishing flats (with little means available).

In the process of the project, two products were created: the prototype of a DIY kitchen and a brochure and video instruction guide, including a construction manual for this DIY kitchen and providing information for clients on the themes of furnishing and DIY.

Project: Dancing in the NHMW?/Another Kind of Museum Experience!

A collaboration between the Natural History Museum, Tanzquartier Wien, Verein Station Wien and the International Organization for Migration

As part of this cooperation between Vienna’s Natural History Museum, the Station Vienna association, the International Organization for Migration and Tanzquartier Wien, the museum exhibits were able to be explored in a different way, that is, through techniques of contemporary dance and performance. Anyone who was interested was able to take part, with a focus on people with a migration background.

Project: Dancing into Leisure Time

A collaboration between Tanzquartier Wien and Integration Wien

Youths and young adults with disabilities, aged between 15 and 30, are accompanied by leisure-time assistants of Integration Wien.

As part of our project, up to 10 youths and young adults were accompanied by their leisure-time assistants in order to explore Tanzquartier Wien as an institution, and contemporary dance and performance as an art form. Between February and May 2017, through a series of workshops, a guided tour of the house, attending a performance and reflecting in a closing analysis, participants were given the opportunity to express themselves in a creative way and to spend time with like-minded people, while easier access to a cultural institution for them was also facilitated.