Culture-Transfair 2018

GeWOHNheit (“Habitude/Habitat”)

Collaboration partners: Architekturzentrum Wien – WOBES Association
Participants: Clients of the Viennese Assistance to the Homeless

The association WOBES, Betreutes Wohnen (sheltered housing), offers support to people who are affected by homelessness. The aim of the project is to introduce project participants to old and new forms of living and living concepts as part of city tours, as well as giving them the opportunity to reflect on (living) needs and habits and habitudes in order to expand their own scope of development.
Participants have the chance to develop their own ideas on space, create their own living concepts and present them with models. The Architekturzentrum Wien is the host cultural institution and assumes a central mediator role. The project will be concluded by a presentation of the designs in the Architekturzentrum Wien.


Collaboration partners: Belvedere 21 – Jugend am Werk – Im Werd/NEUSTART
Participants: Customers of Jugend am Werk – Im Werd and NEUSTART clients

In context of the mediation of charitable services, the collaboration between the social institutions Jugend am Werk – Im Werd and NEUSTART has seen positive experiences over the past few years. Jugend am Werk – Im Werd offers daily structure in an artistic workshop for people with learning difficulties and disabilities. The NEUSTART association provides resocialisation assistance for young people who have committed delinquencies in various areas. In the context of the museum, a meeting room is created that promotes open confrontation and offers space for reflection on one’s own actions.


Collaboration partners: Jeunesse – Musical Youth Austria / JUVIVO 15
Participants: JUVIVO 15 adolescents

Singing, looping and beatboxing together, and more. In several workshops, the participating youngsters transform into members of a “girl vocal band.” They are coached and supported by the Vienna female a cappella soul pop band Beat Poetry Club.

1000 and a Home

Collaboration partners: Austrian Museum of Folk Life and Folk Art/Weltmuseum Wien/LOGIN Association
Participants: People living in social problem situations (those at risk of poverty, those furthest from the labour market and people with addiction problems)

By juxtaposing individual collection objects from the Weltmuseum Wien (non-European art/everyday objects) and the Austrian Museum of Folk Life and Folk Art (European everyday/handicrafts) the concept of home is explored by participants of the LOGIN association. The approach to the term home is done through exhibition objects in tours and workshops. Individual items are selected by the participants in a museum and are related to those from the other museum.

Pantha Rei

Collaboration partners: Austrian Museum of Folk Life and Folk Art/Volkshilfe Wien Production School Job Factory and Caritas UMF WG St. Gabriel
Participants: Youths between 15 and 20

This project is a cooperation of two welfare institutions and one cultural institution. Caritas and the production school work with youngsters aged between 15 and 20. In the Austrian Museum of Folk Life and Folk Art everyday culture(s) and practices are negotiated. One of the goals of this collaboration is the creation of a mutual product, for example, a film shot on a mobile or a small exhibition in the public passage of the museum.