Yad Vashem

We also support Yad Vashem.
Since 2009.

Yad Vashem is the national memorial in Israel that commemorates the persecution and murder of six million Jews during the Holocaust. It was established in Jerusalem in 1953.


As part of our ExtraVALUE Sponsoring Programme, Erste Bank especially supports the documentation and recording of witnesses’ life stories.

As early as 1946, even before Yad Vashem was founded as a national memorial, reports by witnesses to history were recorded – still in written form at that time. In this way, to date, around 100,000 reports by survivors have been collected. But there are still many stories and experiences of Holocaust survivors that remain undocumented. The Shoah survivors tell their personal stories. These are captured on video and a digitized version is made available to the public through the Yad Vashem Visual Center.


Erste Bank supported the pedagogical work of the International School for Holocaust Studies, as well as the collection and recording of documents from the Austrian National Archive until 2011. A German-language edition of Holocaust teaching material was published. This teaching material gives an overview of the events during the Holocaust for pupils aged between 16 and 18, and is provided to Austrian teachers.